Mindful Musicians takes students ages 3.5 and up- we are life long learners!

An acoustic piano is preferable for lessons but a high quality keyboard is fine for the first year- see useful links for more information about keyboard versus piano or contact me for further assistance.

Practice is an important part to success. Parent involvement and practice are closely linked. Practice is expected at Mindful Musicians and time increments increase as students advance- beginners start with 10-15 minutes and advanced musicians practice much longer depending on their levels. 5 days a week is a minimum.

Recitals are twice a year but more performance opportunities are available at your request. Recitals may involve professional jazz musicians and can have special themes.

Mindful Musicians studio is located in Woodstock outside of the center of Portland. See contact information

Parent attendance to lessons is an essential ingredient to student success. Parents need to attend lessons for students until 4th grade (does not include transfer students) and then they need to check in regularly at the end of lessons for student progress and information.

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