Studio Policy

Studio of Gulchin Tarabus
5017 SE Tolman Street
Portland, Oregon, 97206

Dear Parents and Guardians,
Thank you for taking a moment to read my studio policy. As your teacher, I believe that we need to communicate as much as possible and work together to ensure the success of your children. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact me regarding this policy. Please keep this copy as your reference.

What you will need to begin piano lessons

1. Preferably a well tuned acoustic piano with 88 working keys. At the very minimum, a piano must be tuned twice a year- in the fall and the spring.
2. A bench with carpet squares or pads and books or a stool for your feet to adjust height.
3. A notebook to write assignments.
4. A piano bag.
5. Clipped fingernails- long fingernails affect the position of the hand on the piano.
6. A metronome after the first year of piano.
7. A positive attitude, willingness to learn and practice.

How much time should you practice?

Year one and two: 20 – 30 minutes daily
Intermediate : 45 minutes daily
Advanced: 1-1.5 hours daily

Students should increase their practice by 15 minutes every day 2 months prior to a performance. During lessons, I give many practice suggestions. Please make sure you practice the day of or at least the day after your lessons, when comments can be remembered easily.

Parental involvement

Beginners: I would like to ask that at least one parent sits in on each lesson for beginners. If you are not musical, you may be able to learn along with your child. It is extremely important that parents of beginners-especially young students ages 4-7 practice WITH their child each day for most of the first two years to develop good practice habits and discipline. Sitting in on the lessons will keep you aware of your child’s progress and their weekly assignments.Keep in mind: Your child will progress much faster with your involvement in the learning process of music.

Non- beginners

Parental involvement is equally important. Daily reminders of practicing every day, helping them juggle schedules, setting priorities and assisting in time management is very important. Take the time once a week to have your child perform for you. Record them on your devices.Support them at recitals, festivals and competitions.It is always a good idea to check in with me periodically through e-mails, phone calls so that I may be able to give you updates on how your child is progressing.


There are many opportunities for performances for your child. I am very involved in my local Oregon Music Teachers Association and encourage students to perform at festivals. An important part of piano studies is performance. Performance helps develop confidence, memorization skills, and provides motivation for students to practice. Each student is required to participate in at least two studio recitals throughout the year. There will be one winter and one end of the year recital. Other events can be arranged individually with students.

Group lessons

Group lessons provide extra opportunities for students to learn together. Theory, music history, listening, technique and performance opportunities will be provided during these lessons. Group lessons will be scheduled at the discretion of the teacher. When a group lesson takes place, this will be in addition to their regularly scheduled individual lessons

Make-up lessons

Make up lessons will not be provided. If a family knows they cannot attend a lesson in advance they can swap with other families for a lesson provided 24 hour notice or more is given.If this option is not feasible,only one lesson per term may be missed provided 24 hour notice is given. This lesson will be credited in the next term.

Discontinuation of lessons

Once a term payment is made, no credit can be given if a student discontinues lessons. It is preferable that families let me know the last week of the term if they choose to discontinue the next term.

Payment for lessons

All payment for lessons will need to be paid on the first day of each term in advance of the lessons. After the first week of the term a 15% late fee will be added. After the second week of the term a 25% late fee will be added. Group lessons, recital and book fees will be added to the term costs.