Fees for all piano lessons

Fees for Piano lessons 2016-2017

There are four terms for 2016-2017 school year. Please see calendar for further details

All families need to pay on the first day of the lesson for each term. Payments are subject to late fees indicated in my studio policy.

Each term is 11 weeks. Students beginning in the middle of the term will have term payments pro-rated. 

Each family will be expected to pay a $30.00 non-refundable registration fee before beginning lessons. This will not be pro-rated. This fee pays for recital costs and any materials purchased for group lessons or private lessons. This fee does not include music which will be purchased by me and reimbursed by parent.

All students from beginning to advanced will have group lessons.Primary and intermediate students will have group lessons twice per term. Advanced students will have group lesson once per term. All students will have group lessons in place of private lessons at the end of each term. All group lessons are an additional $25.00 per lesson and term bills will reflect group lesson costs.

2016-2017 Piano lessons

30 minute lessons: $32.00=$352.00 per 11 week term

45 minute lessons: $42.00=$462.00 per 11 week term

60 minute lessons: $57.00=$627.00 per 11 week term