Early Childhood Piano lessons

photo (6)Does your child show an interest in experimenting with a piano? Early childhood piano lessons are a delightful,creative and playful way to begin your journey in lessons. Curriculum is developmentally sequenced and students will will learn body coordination, ear training,beginning sight reading and piano skills.Parent participation is expected and encourages musical development.Students will explore other percussion instruments as well as piano. Games, improvisation,movement and singing are all incorporated into the program.

Classes are $15.00 per class and a $25.00 non refundable registration fee is required. Payment must be made for the entire term when beginning a class.Each term is 11 weeks long.

Two free classes will be offered on Wednesday, September 7th and Saturday, September 10th from 11:00am-11:45am. Contact: gulchin.tarabus@gmail.com or through the website to sign up for class.